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Who we are

About CherryTree Foundation

CherryTree Foundation is a Social Enterprise which began in 2013 with just an idea of helping those furthest from the job market but from inner cities to now helping those across the country and internationally. Our aim just like a seed through long-term development is to one day turn into a Prunus which will give then give life to many more.

How do we do this?

Employability Enhancement Initiatives

Pre-employment Support

Our pre-employment support services are designed to assist individuals in preparing for the job market. We provide comprehensive guidance and resources to help candidates enhance their employability skills, understand job requirements, and match their qualifications to potential job opportunities.

CV Writing and Interview Techniques Support

We offer expert assistance in CV writing and interview techniques to help candidates present themselves effectively to employers. Our team of professionals provides personalised advice and tips to create impactful CVs and prepare for interviews, enhancing the chances of securing a job.


Our mentoring program pairs individuals with experienced professionals in their desired field. Mentors provide guidance, advice, and support to help mentees navigate their career paths, develop essential skills, and achieve their professional goals.

Work Experience Support (1-2 Weeks)

We offer short-term work experience opportunities ranging from 1-2 weeks to give individuals a valuable insight into the working environment and industry-specific roles. This hands-on experience helps candidates gain practical skills, build confidence, and make informed career decisions.

Career Speed Networking (Workshops)

We organise career speed networking workshops to connect individuals with professionals from various industries. These interactive sessions allow participants to expand their professional network, gain insights into different career paths, and receive valuable advice on career development and advancement.

T-level Support

Our T-level support services are tailored to assist students undertaking T-level qualifications. We provide guidance on course requirements, work placements, and career pathways to ensure students are well-prepared for the transition from education to employment.

We are committed to supporting individuals at every stage of their career journey, 
providing them with the necessary tools, resources, and guidance to achieve success in the competitive job market!

Empowering the Youth of
today for their better tomorrow.

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Our Mission


To help disadvantaged and unemployed youth change their mindsets and actions thus realising that they actually have options and aspire for more


To empower and improve young people's skill-sets, enabling them to move into the world of work or further-education or entrepreneurship and maintain their motivation


Transform the mind-sets of youths to overcome perceived limits plus use their own initiative to access all the options available to achieve their goals and dreams